Yi Peng Brings a Taste of Thailand to CITYCENTRE

September 19, 2020
In the mood for delicious Asian flavors? Visit CITYCENTRE’s new upscale Thai food eatery, Yi Peng, when it opens in Fall 2020.
Executive Chefs Jett and Jira Hurapan, the dynamic duo behind Yi Peng, opened the restaurant and named it after the annual autumn lantern festival in Chiang Mai. During the festival, which celebrates the full moon, thousands of sky lanterns fill the city sky.
For that reason, the Yi Peng team decked out the establishment with ornate lanterns. Furthermore, walls have beautiful murals that reflect the look and feel of a dining experience in northern Thailand.

Posted by Yi Peng Thai Dining on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The menu features a stunning array of Thai foods and specialty cocktails. Aspects of the menu focus on dishes specific to the northern region of Thailand, which means you can expect delicious herbs and spices.
For example, the restaurant’s Operations Manager, Liz Jiratantasin, said signature dishes include:
Homemade Sai Ua — Chiang Mai grilled spicy sausage with aromatic roasted chili spices and lemongrass
Handcraft Chor Muang — Gluten-free Royal Thai steamed dumpling with roasted garlic oil, fresh Thai chili, and herb wrap in green leaf lettuce
Kang Hung Lay — Northern-style braised curry beef short ribs with Thai spices and Chinese broccoli
Plus, the fabulous experience does not end with great food. Yi Peng also plans to offer Thai food cooking classes.
The restaurant encompasses a 3,500-square-foot space on Sorella Court, and the main dining room seats 60 people. Additionally, the patio seats 28, the private dining area on the mezzanine level seats 24, and the chef’s table seats 8. The roomy seating and outdoor space are helpful for socially distanced meals.
“We practice the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitization,” Jiratantasin told us. “We ensure daily wellness checks for staff members. We wear face masks, and we have hand-sanitizer stations and contactless pickup.”

Visit Yi Peng at CITYCENTRE for a luxury Thai food experience.

Jiratantasin thinks people will love Yi Peng’s chef-driven concept and said the restaurant uses high-quality ingredients and exotic herbs from Thailand.
“We hope people visit and enjoy the highlights of Thai culture Yi Peng offers,” Jiratantasin said. Yi Peng is among the many exciting developments and restaurant openings and reopenings right here in the Memorial District.
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