Utility Burial Call for Projects 2017

August 29, 2016

Notice to Property Owners in
Harris County Municipal Management District #1
aka Memorial Management District

The Memorial Management District is issuing a call for utility burial projects in accordance with its established term sheet (found below). Qualified projects could receive up to 60% reimbursement for actual construction costs. Interested property owners must respond to this notice by September 29, 2016 to be eligible for 2017 reimbursement. Please send your request and project description to:

Memorial Management District
Attn: Pat Walters
9821 Katy Freeway, Suite 180
Houston, TX 77024

Term Sheet for Utility Burial Reimbursement Agreement

I. Call for Projects

a. At the end of each fiscal year, the Board will determine available funds for utility burial reimbursement projects for the following fiscal year. Based on the availability of funds and any outstanding reimbursement obligations, the Board will issue a request to all District property owners for application to the District for utility burial projects expected to be completed during the following fiscal year. 
b. All applications must be submitted to the District within 30 days of the request issued by the Board. 
c. Property owners must respond to the District's notice of award within 60 days indicating owner's intent to participate in the Program for the following fiscal year.
d. The Board will enter into a reimbursement agreement with applicants for reimbursement of up to sixty percent (60%) of the construction costs (not design costs) to bury overhead utility lines within the District, subject to all of the following criteria:
i. The overhead utilities to be relocated must be located within the boundaries of the District and adjacent to public streets.
ii. The overhead utilities must be relocated underground within either public street right-of-way or a utility easement.
iii. Reimbursement will be for out-of-pocket construction costs only (not design costs). Applicants will be required to provide the necessary easement(s) and design engineering at their sole cost and expense.


II. Allocation of Reimbursement

a. If the District enters into reimbursement agreements with more than one applicant in the first fiscal year, the Board will determine the allocation of available funds for reimbursement during the first year of the project's reimbursement period based on estimated reimbursable project costs.
b. In subsequent years, project owners which were not fully reimbursed for a utility burial reimbursement project in the prior fiscal year(s) will be reimbursed pro-rata in the same proportions prior to reimbursements being made for projects to be completed that fiscal year.
c. Any project which is the subject of a reimbursement agreement which is not completed during the fiscal year designated in such reimbursement agreement will be required to reapply for reimbursement during a future fiscal year.


III. Request for Reimbursement

a. Upon completion of a utility burial project, project owners must submit the following documentation for payment:
i. Summary of payment of eligible costs
ii. Proof of contractor payments and waivers of liens
iii. Evidence of project acceptance by applicable utility provider’s
b. A reimbursement audit will be prepared by the District's auditor prior to release of funds.

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