Three Brothers Bakery Continues Tradition of Quality and Excellence

October 19, 2017

Memorial District icon, Three Brothers Bakery, honors tradition with classic recipes, creative twists on old favorites and award-winning desserts.  

The original outpost of Three Brothers Bakery was located on Holman Street in 1949 by three Polish brothers. Now a Houston institution, they offer an incredible array of baked goods.

Owned and managed by members of the original three brothers: Bobby Jucker and his wife, Janice, and his aunt, Estelle, the full-service bakery stocks classics like rye bread, challah, cheese pockets, and bagels as well as pies, cookies, wedding cakes and custom cake designs.

Bobby Jucker says, “All of our products including breads, cakes and cookies are scratch made daily. Since opening our doors in 1949, our bakery team uses recipes from my family, and as a 5th generation baker, I am proud to honor my family with this tradition.”

As Three Brothers Bakery carries on the tradition of baking, many in the area carry on the tradition of buying cakes and treats they enjoyed as a kid to celebrate with their own children. This legacy of celebration is one reason the bakery identifies as “memory makers who happen to be bakers.”

Jucker says the continued success of the bakery has to do with the team being a family. “They are the ones responsible for creating our award-winning items and providing an excellent experience for all of our guests. We have been lucky enough to call some of our team members family for a number of years and we are thankful each day for their hard work and dedication to the bakery.” 

This holiday season, make sure to check out some of the reasons Three Brothers Bakery has won many of its awards for its Pecan Pie and famed Pumpecapple Piecake.

Jucker describes the Pumpecapple Piecake as “a 3-layer cake with pies baked inside of them: a Pumpkin Pie baked in a Pumpkin Spice cake, next our award-winning Pecan Pie baked in Chocolate cake and last but not least our Apple Pie baked in our spice cake. Each piecake is layered with a generous filling of our scratch made cream cheese icing. Finally, this large confection is iced all over with cream cheese icing and garnished with pecan pieces and topped with a generous caramel drizzle.”

Try their Gingerbread Pie, turkey cakes (a cake in the shape of a turkey), sufganiyot (a jelly-filled donut to enjoy during Hanukkah), or team and customer favorite - the Pumpkin Cheesecake. And don’t miss the Key Lime Pie, which took the top honor of the Best Key Lime Pie in the U.S. from the American Pie Council at the 2017 APC National Pie Championships. 

Another feature of Three Brothers that sets it apart is their online store. Send loved ones treats around the country. Order at

Sample the award-winning confectionary at 12393 Kingsride Lane.


Photo credit Three Brothers Bakery

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