Memorial Management District’s Differential Response Team Patrols make a Difference

October 12, 2015

The Memorial District’s Differential Response Team Patrols (DRT) have been contributing to a safer experience for patrons, residents, and employers.  The Patrol has been active for 3 years and is staffed by off duty Houston Police officers from the Northwest Substation and Storefront. 

The purpose of the Differential Response Team is to work with the Memorial Management District Community to reduce crime and improve the quality of life.  Additionally, the DRT proactively works with the community using traditional and non- traditional innovative forms of problem solving to impact crime, calls for service, safety issues and quality of life within the Memorial District.

In addition, the DRT addresses diverse problems such as un-kept lots, residential improprieties, apartment complex ordinance violations, environmental lawlessness and business licensing regulations, as well as responding to crime problems as identified through crime analysis.  On a routine basis, the DRT also meets with the community members, encouraging the involvement of the community in the problem solving process.  Ultimately, the goal is to have an overall impact benefiting the City of Houston as a whole.

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