Cool Down with Gourmet Ice Pops from Paleta Bar

April 20, 2022

Paleta Bar (9738 Katy Fwy Ste 600 Houston, TX 77055) is your newest cold treat destination in the Memorial District. The name of the business, Paleta, is the Spanish word for ice pops. This business creates unique handmade ice pops with exquisite ingredients, including natural fruits, sweet cream, and fresh milk.

The ice pops at Paleta Bar are a healthy option to help you satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down on a hot day, and there are many refreshing flavors to choose from. What’s more is that Paleta Bar offers premium dipping and toppings that create a wide range of ice-pop combinations. You can ask for a dip, a half dip, or a drizzle.

Check out the menu below:

“Our gourmet Paletas are handmade in our store daily with natural and fresh ingredients, with up to 23 flavors and toppings,” the company explains on Yelp. “They are never made in bulk or shipped, and you can definitely taste the difference. Make your desserts as heavenly or sinfully delicious as you’d like! The flavors for our water-based paletas go far beyond the basic array of fruit, and our cream based paletas are made with sweet cream & milk. Take it up a notch and bathe it in your desired dipping and add toppings - half dipped, full-dipped or just drizzled. Create your own or choose from some of our signature combinations. The flavor combinations seem endless.”

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, turn to Paleta Bar for a sweet treat to help you cool down. You’ll be impressed by the customer service and menu items, and the delicious taste will have you asking for seconds.

Paleta Bar

9738 Katy Fwy

Ste 600

Houston, TX 77055

(346) 406-3980

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