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April 29, 2020

Learning from home is a novel experience for many people. If you want tutoring and/or classes for your child or want to explore academic opportunities for yourself, you can find options in the Memorial District.

Supporting Young Students

It can be challenging to help your student with every class. Fortunately, outside resources are available to provide academic support.

  1. Mathnasium Learning Center Memorial City helps students succeed with math, and its Mathnasium At Home program is accessible via the internet. Tutors assess students’ needs and provide courses through a proprietary teaching method called the Mathnasium Method. Lessons combine mental, tactile, verbal, visual, and written exercises. They also offer guidance that supplements lessons from school. Students receive instruction that is unique to Mathnasium experiences and assistance that supports specific academic requirements.
  2. Spider Smart offers a holistic learning philosophy. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of each student and classes have a low teacher-to-student ratio. The organization encourages independent thinking, pushing students beyond conceptual learning and integrates real-world examples into its methodology. Spider Smart offers several programs, including but not limited to:

Interested parents and guardians can complete the information form and a Spider Smart representative will get in touch to discuss online courses.

  1. Need a tutor who can help you or your child master a musical instrument? Sessions Music has expert instructors. Lessons can continue whether students play rock-and-roll instruments like drums, guitars, and pianos, or orchestral instruments like cellos, alto saxophones, and trombones. Plus, classes are flexible. Students can work with a tutor over a remote-conferencing service like Facetime, Skype, or Zoom, or they can meet at home—perhaps outside—as long as they practice social-distancing.

Online Classes for Adults

If you want to expand your education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are an excellent resource for people who enjoy taking classes. and offer courses on hundreds of topics. You’ll find classes on everything from arts and humanities to business to data science and more. Learn at your own pace while receiving feedback from fellow students. Some classes accept financial aid. Also, check out HCC Onlineto continue your education.

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