Keep Calm and Eat Cookies: The Best Spots for Cookies in the Memorial District

September 16, 2021

When you think of fall, you may think of Halloween candy or pumpkin spice, but the fall is also the perfect time to celebrate one of America’s favorite desserts: cookies!

Want to enjoy National Homemade Cookie Day on October 1? Check out this fantastic recipe for marbled chocolate chip cookies from Williams Sonoma, where you can also get the right kitchenware to help you bake.


Be sure to check out their recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies.


Then, everyone should have a fabulous recipe for chocolate chip cookies like these.


If you’re looking for nearly homemade cookies—that’s all right too. In the Memorial District, there are many places to find the perfect cookie. First, head over to Three Brothers Bakery because you can really go nuts with the cookies.


And because you can bring out your inner Cookie Monster.


And because there are few things in life as good as a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of cold milk.


Cookies can be the perfect dessert, and everyone has a favorite. Maybe yours is a classic chocolate chip or a sweet and salty peanut butter. Or maybe you prefer a traditional oatmeal raisin like they have at Salata.


Remember, cookies come in different shapes and sizes. For example, over at the Great American Cookie in Memorial City Mall, you can pick out a big cookie cake to cut like a pizza and share with friends and family on a special occasion like someone’s birthday.


At Tiff’s Treats, you can get the sweets delivered right to your door, or you can be a sweetie and send someone cookies by delivery.


Tiff’s Treats also makes it easy to frost your own cookies in the spirit of National Homemade Cookie Day.


Also, Tiff’s Treats wants you to remember that cookies pair fantastically well with a bowl of ice cream. This is definitely something we can support!


Plus, here in the Memorial District, you will find some of the best ice cream shops in Houston, Texas, like Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at CITYCENTRE.

Is fitness on the forefront of your mind? Maybe your homemade cookie treat can be a little different. Check out the Ghost whey protein at the Vitamin Shoppe in the Memorial District. They have Chips A’Hoy and Oreo flavors, and they are incredibly good.


Whether you want to make your own cookies on National Homemade Cookie Day or just enjoy a batch of tasty cookies from a Memorial District shop, we hope you have a sweet day!

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