Ice Cream Meets Chemistry at Creamistry

June 17, 2019

Modern and minimalistic, similar to a futuristic laboratory with clean white stark countertops, Creamistry operates with scientific precision. The process of freezing milk by liquid nitrogen allows the milk particles to remain very small which results in ultra-smooth and creamy texture. During the process of freezing, liquid nitrogen is released into the mixing bowl producing a cloud of cold smoke. The whole experience is exciting to watch. Make sure to bring your kids, the clouds will have them going crazy!

Pops of color come from the televisions that describe exactly how you can order your ice cream. Nothing is premade except the take-home pints; everything is made to order.

Signature creations are very popular. The Unicorn tastes like creamy cotton candy and is a perfect pink and blue dream. Another top pick is Cookie Monster, which comes in a bright teal blue color to match the beloved character on Sesame Street. The Orio and Chips Ahoy cookies mixed with ice cream creates a perfect balance making Cookie Monster a favorite at the top of the list. Check out other fun creations such as the Elvis Presley and the Ruby Cacao. One of the popular sorbet creations is the Mangonada made with mango, chamoy sauce and lime, perfect for a hot summer day.

Milk options include, organic cashew or coconut milk, as well as premium milk (which is recommended for a creamier taste). Then you choose your flavor which ranges from chocolate to matcha green tea. Sorbets are available as a non-dairy option.

If you’re looking to take your icy treats home, Creamistry offers toppings in fun test tubes to take home so you can be an ice cream scientist on your own. Creamistry is located at 791 Town and Country Boulevard, Suite 140 in Town & Country Village. They can be reached at

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