Honoring the Lunar New Year and Yourself in the Memorial District

February 6, 2020

Honoring the Lunar New Year and Yourself in the Memorial District

Many people around the world—especially in Asia—celebrated Lunar New Year on January 25. Missed the festivities? That’s okay! The sentiment of the season lasts throughout the year, and observing this special new phase is as easy as heading to the Memorial District for a Lunar New Year-inspired outing.


Memorial City has excellent Asian-cuisine restaurants. For example, Pholicious at Memorial City is a lovely spot for tasty Vietnamese comfort food. The main dishes include beef pho, which is a delicious noodle soup, and a mouthwatering pork bao sandwich. Spring rolls are great at Pholicious as well. Vegetarians, be sure to ask about yummy meatless options.

Photo courtesy of Pholicious Memorial City

Bistro Thai, located in the Memorial City Mall in the food court, has a variety of Thai noodles and fried rice dishes that will give you the savory, sweet and spicy flavors of Thailand. Similarly, Sarku Japan is a Memorial City option for Asian-inspired cooking. At Sarku Japan, highly reviewed foods include teriyaki combination dishes, tempura meals, bento boxes, and sushi rolls.

Photo courtesy of Bistro Thai Memorial City

Photo courtesy of Sarku Japan Memorial City

At CityCentre, visit RA Sushi to get beautiful Japanese-inspired foods and cocktails. Nearby, Nori at Town and Country Village is another lovely Japanese restaurant where you can find fabulous sushi created by true sushi masters.

Photo courtesy of RA Sushi CityCentre

Photo courtesy of Nori Town and Country Village


According to the Chinese zodiac, we are in the Year of the Rat. Legend has it the Year of the Rat is a good time for artists, authors, doctors, and teachers. It’s a perfect time to check out some creative destinations in the District. Spots such as accessories and stationery stores Typo at Memorial City or Paper Source at CityCentre could be the perfect places to find inspiration and supplies for your next creative venture.

Photo courtesy of Typo Memorial City

Photo courtesy of Paper Source CityCentre


The Year of the Rat also is about flexibility and vitality, so remember to give your health the attention it deserves. Memorial District has athleisurewear shops like Athleta at Memorial City and Lululemon Athletica at CityCentre, where shoppers can find stylish clothes for the gym and outdoor activities.

Photo courtesy of Athleta Memorial City

Photo courtesy of Lululemon Athletica CityCentre

The District also is home to fitness centers such as LifeTime Athletic in CityCentre that features dozens of cardiovascular and weight machines, sports courts, and even rock-climbing walls.

Try Orange Theory Fitness, which offers guided group classes that help you take ownership of your workout. And explore workouts at the Bar Method, which maximizes the results of exercises that use your body weight for resistance.

Photo courtesy of Orange Theory Fitness Town and Country Village

Is your business located in Memorial City? Guess what? You can enjoy the outstanding customer service and convenience of the Memorial City Club, a state-of-the-art luxury fitness facility with strength training machines, a free weight area, and group exercise studios.

So, this year is the year of YOU, and Memorial District is here to help you along the way, whether you want a new dining experience, a way to channel your creativity, or a place to express your inner workout warrior.

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